We were thinking… it’s been a while since we talked beauty! Today we’re checking in on the latest craze taking over the skincare scene. The informed and active consumer continues to innovate and it seems that traditional cleansers alone are no longer making the cut.

With increased knowledge on the negative effects of environmental aggressors on the skin, consumers are going the extra mile to cleanse their skin of free toxins and harmful chemicals. As a result, new methods of cleansers such as cleansing powders and cleansing sticks are emerging.

Both categories are seeing accelerating growth over the last 3 months with searches for cleanser powder up 145% to LY. Currently 2.5x more people are searching for cleansing powder than cleansing sticks, however, keep an eye on both of these products as customer demand continues to rise.

Although both categories are experiencing growth at healthy margins, with over 90% of products selling at full price, there is a disparity between the market segments.

While most cleansing sticks are available at mass retailers, with all available products priced under $50, powder formulations extend into the premium market, with about a quarter of products between $50 – $250.


(L to R: Cleansing Powder, Cleansing Stick)


With strong growth in both stick and powder formats and the cleansing category at large, there is a white space opportunity to invest in either based on which is right for your consumer and brand. The cleansing powder market has space for mass market SKUs, while the cleansing stick market currently lacks premium SKUs.

Currently the key brands featuring cleansing powders include Peter Thomas Roth, Givenchy and Biore, and cleansing sticks include Urban Decay, SOKO Glam and Milk Makeup.



Expect these to be the first of many new emerging formats as the cleansing category continues to innovate and grow. Watch this space for updates!