The past few years have seen dynamic growth and innovation in the men’s grooming market with the emergence of new categories, niche players, and accelerating social buzz. Taboos surrounding traditional machismo are slowly slipping away and a growing number of men are becoming more comfortable using male-centric skincare, haircare, and even makeup as a result. Male makeup in particular had a huge year with big-name mass and premium players alike launching male ambassadors and male-specific color cosmetics. However, the most innovation and progression in the male grooming market still exists in traditional skin care and shaving categories.

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General interest in staple products like aftershave gel, shaving cream, and face wash is increasing, with each trend seeing double-digit growth in average search volume compared to last year. However, the re-rise of the beard and its association to hipster culture has led to a plethora of new products focused on helping men to maintain their beards.

Beard oil, a hybrid product that both nourishes facial hair and cares for the skin beneath it, has the highest search volume in the entire male grooming category this holiday season with almost 2x as many searches as shaving cream. The high seasonality trend has seen healthy YOY growth since 2015 despite a plateau in social buzz. The key players in the market are Jack Black, Proraso, Anthony Logistics For Men and Tom Ford. The trend has a healthy AUR of 85%, with roughly 55% of SKUs priced under $25. Amazon carries a whopping 27% of the total products in market*, followed by niche retailers Wolf & Badger and Smallflower, which account for about 15% and 10% respectively.

*Total products among a set of 33 retailers on the Trendalytics platform.

The accelerating momentum over the last three months and record-high search volume of beard oil make for the perfect addition to holiday gift guides this season. With only 28% of products falling in the $25-50 segment and a further 10% in the $50-100 segment, there is white space opportunity for premium brands to invest more in the space. Furthermore, Amazon’s large assortment of products is no surprise but the stark comparison between it and other e-commerce retailers reiterates that there is currently a shortage of supply and accessibility of beard oils relative to consumer demand in the market.

Largely due to the rise of social media inspiring men to become more conscious of their appearances as well as brands championing the trend, the Millennial and Gen-Z male is spending more time and money on grooming than ever before.  The overall male grooming market will expand exponentially in the years to come, but skin care in particular is a category to look out for. The result-oriented male customer will continue to demand male-centric products that offer fast solutions to problems like acne, dryness and dullness previously stigmatized by society. Make sure your brand is ready to provide them.


  • Skin Care Reigns: The entire men’s grooming market is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come, but consumers are primarily interested in skin care products that offer male-centric benefits. Searches for beard oil, shaving cream and aftershave surpassed the entire category’s average search volume of 18,000 searches/week.
  • Demand VS Supply: There is limited accessibility of beard oils across major e-commerce retailers and among premium brands in spite of it being this season’s highest searched for trend within men’s grooming. There is a clear white space opportunity for the trend to be adopted among certain vendors and key market players before the trend curve flattens in Spring.