Logo and tube socks are at the height of footwear trends in this week’s trend alert. While this look once represented someone who was anything but style savvy, these socks are making a statement. From runways to streetwear, statement socks have taken off.


With online searches showing tube socks to be a mature trend, designers and retailers alike continue to come up with new and innovative ways to push the envelope on a classic look. While this trend has hit the mass market, it remains healthy with assortments selling at 69% full price. The AUR sits at $13, with 62% of the assortment under $10. Although this is not a new trend, we’ve seen tube socks on the runway for over a year, designers continue to show updated interpretations.


We saw the tube sock trend back in 2016 at the Gucci and Acne Resort 2017 Shows in alternate colorways of the 70’s classic.

This year in the 2018 Resort shows we saw new interpretations of the tube sock. Thom Browne’s Resort 2018 collection showed classic stripes mixed with solids and prints and styled with a scrunched down look. Valentino’s Resort 2018 collection showed ribbed socks with a simple stripe, which color-coordinated with the footwear.



Online searches are up 14% compared to LY, with assortments selling at a healthy 65% full price, suggesting that this is a trend to lookout for. This product category has an AUR of $34, with 42% selling between $10-$25. Top retailers for this trend sit in the premium market and include Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and SSENSE.


In Gucci’s Cruise 2018 Show earlier this year, the sock trend was newly represented with Gucci’s interlocking G logo. We saw the print across socks and hosiery, with some embellished with rhinestones. In Prada’s Spring 2018 RTW Show, we saw an abstract print logo on a soccer sock silhouette. Both shows had logo socks or hosiery represented in over ⅓ of their looks.

……GUCCI (Vogue), GUCCI (Vogue), PRADA (Vogue), PRADA (Vogue)


Consumers have adopted the statement sock across a variety of footwear (sandals, heels, sneakers, and boots) and are now looking for what’s next.

Insert… Sheer Silhouettes.  Sheer was an important trend on the Spring 18 runway across categories, and hosiery is no exception. We are seeing these sheer socks in a taller, slouchier way than we have before and in new patterns and colors. The current market for sheer socks is healthy, with 86% of product at full price.



  • Tube socks – Search volume for tube socks is declining (-2.6% to LY), however with a strong presence of this trend on the 2018 Resort Runway, we may see a resurgence in new iterations and styling.  
  • Logo socks – Logo socks had a strong presence on the runway (currently +14% to LY) and continue to grow in search volume. As of early December, searches are +66%.  
  • Sheer socks – This trend remains healthy with 86% of product at full price. It will be important to capture the newest interpretations of this trend, particularly color and pattern.