2017 was the year of futuristic beauty trends…

On the one hand, holographic makeup completely took over the beauty world, from appearing on red carpet looks to editorial shoots and social feels. Think shimmering highlighter, illuminating blush, glossy eyelids and pearlescent lipstick. On the other hand, metallic makeup also maintained its momentum across lip and eye trends. From bold pigments to glittery, opaque finishes, the trend made a statement wherever it went. Eventually, the holographic and metallic trends went on to  inform and complement one another in products and looks alike. But what does the future look like for these trends in 2018? Are there any holographic or metallic product categories that your brand should monitor or chase into?



The consumer demand for both holographic makeup and metallic makeup started growing in June 2016. However, it was a year later in Spring 2017 that both trends found their momentum through increased acceleration, massive search volume and immense social buzz. The result was mass consumer adoption across different market segments, brands and retailers. Holographic and metallic makeup truly became the trends of the moment. Today, both trends’ trend curves are nearing plateaus.


Holographic trends had dominated Spring/Summer 2018 runway looks more so than metallic trends back in October, which is in part why the beauty landscape looks the way it does today.

L to R: “Glossy lips” at Haider Ackermann (Marie Claire), “Glossy Eyelids” at Prabul Gurung (Vogue), “Glowy Skin” at Victoria Beckham (WWD).   

While the market for both megatrends is now treading towards saturation, demand for some key subtrends is still growing. Interest in holographic face makeup and metallic eye makeup trends in particular is still growing among consumers. Holographic highlighter has over 5000 weekly average searches with searches up 57% to LY, and metallic eyeshadow has over 4000 weekly average searches with searches up 52% to LY. Metallic lip trends, however, have now entered the maturity stage, with massive search volume but little TY/LY growth. On the other hand, holographic palette and metallic lip gloss are still nascent trends, with little search volume but relatively high growth. Lastly, holographic nails, metallic nails, and holographic lip trends are all declining trends, all down at least -30% to LY.


One of the key takeaways from our January Top Trend Report was that holographic, glossy, and shiny trends are dominating the beauty space. In January, searches for liquid highlighter, liquid eyeshadow, liquid blush, glossy eyelids, glossy lips, halo eyeshadow and unicorn makeup tutorial all featured in our Top Trends rundown. Although the metallic trends glitter highlighter and gold mascara also made appearances, it is clear that the near future of makeup is all about glowy, dewy finishes. We’re excited for the key beauty looks from Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week that will set the precedent for trends for 2018!