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Key Takeaways:

Growing Trends – These are trends with high growth and high search volume.

  • Beauty from the inside out: Consumers are searching for products that offer wellness and beauty benefits from the inside out more than ever before. Searches for probiotics, collagen supplements and biohacking are up +142%, +69% and +66% to LY respectively.
  • Eye care: Demand for retinol eye cream, dark circle eye cream and eye mask is rising.

Emerging Trends – These are trends with high growth but relatively low search volume.

  • Gentle skin care: Searches related to gentle cleansing are on the rise, with searches for paragon free body wash, sensitive skin moisturizer and gentle cleanser were up +125%, +45% and +33% to LY respectively.
  • Lip care: Demand for lip roller and lip treatment is rising.

Declining – These are trends with negative search growth.

  • Applicators: Searches for makeup applicators are on the decline. Searches for silicone makeup sponge (-91%), makeup sponge (-52%) and travel makeup brushes (-42%) all saw negative growth for the month of April.