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Key Takeaways

Growing Trends –  These are trends with high growth and high search volume.

  • Yellow Everything – Yellow is most definitely the color of the season! Mustard Yellow jumped up in searches and social actions as a result of Amal Clooney’s Royal Wedding attire. Searches for yellow jumpsuit, yellow, pants, mustard yellow and yellow heels are up +103%, +69%, +61 and +53% respectively.
  • Shoes: Although sneaker trends have the highest growth to LY (chunky sneakers, file disruptor ii and sketchers d lite are within the top 5 growing trends), searches for comfortable sandals and flats are also on the rise! Searches for ballet slippers, espadrille sandals and flatform espadrilles are up +165%, +107% and +61% to LY.

Emerging Trends – These are trends with high growth but relatively low search volume.

  • Earrings:  May was a big month for earring-based searches! Several new styles and designs- Resin Earrings, Lucite Earrings, Asymmetrical Earrings,  Gray Pearl Earrings and Pear Earrings – made their way into our emerging trends category and we will continue to monitor their growth in the weeks to come.
  • Animal Print: Leopard print is on the rise. Searches for leopard print are up +91% and for cheetah bikini +61%. We will continue monitor the growth of these, along with any future emergence within zebra print, snakeskin print, alligator print, etc.

Declining – These are trends with negative search growth.

  • Pop Poms : Pom Pom Sneakers and Sandals are on the decline, with searches down -64% and -70% to LY.
  • Nude: The onslaught of bright yellow and blue trends has led to a decline in searches of nude styles. Nude stilettos, nude yoga pants and nude sports bra all experienced negative growth in May.