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Key Takeaways

Growing Trends –  These are trends with high growth and high search volume.

  • Natural and Environment-Friendly: Green and clean products have been on the rise for a while, but we are now also seeing a resurgence in formulations that promote portability and sustainable packaging. In ingredients, we’re seeing growth in searches for Paraben Free and Natural Deodorant. In packaging, searches for Shampoo Bar and Perfume Rollerballs are growing rapidly as well.
  • Emerging Trends – These are trends with high growth but relatively low search volume.
  • Lips: Multiple lip trends are on the rise. In lip color, searches for Stained Lip, Lip Lacquer, Burnt Orange Lipstick and Best Red Lipstick are up +100%, +64%, +43% and +36% to LY respectively. In lip care, searches for Lip Treatments, Lip Enhancers and Lip Roller are up +69%, +55% and +50% to LY.
  • Declining – These are trends with negative search growth.
  • Cream Formulations: Lip Creme and Cream Contour Kit are on the decline, with searches down -35% and -50% to LY.