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Hygge It Out

Whether it’s tackling New Year’s resolutions or tackling a new Netflix series, we all have our own method of dealing with the post-holiday blues. The Danish, however, have mastered keeping warm during the cold winter nights by developing the art of hygge. Hygge is the encapsulation of all things cozy, warm, and comforting. Anything from hearty foods served in bowls, turtleneck sweaters, or reading a book in front of a fireplace could be considered an iteration of hygge.

Hygge on the SS19 Runway

Not surprisingly, this is a highly seasonal concept, with searches for hygge both accelerating and peaking in January. This buzzy word is used by influencers to describe everything from home design to food and style. The trends captured here highlight the varied ways in which consumers are embracing hygge in fashion and beauty.

Teddy Coats [1]

All things fuzzy [2], sherpa [3], and shearling [4] have been on the rise since early fall. In outerwear, the rule of thumb with consumers seems to be the furrier the better. Compared to like terms, plus size teddy coat [5] and teddy coat [1]rank #1 and #2 in search growth, with the plus size term up 425% to last year. The generic term teddy coat is the style with the highest search volume at almost 78,000 weekly average searches. Sherpa jacket [6] is the next most healthy trend with both a high volume and high search growth (65K weekly average searches and +70% search growth to LY). But for now it seems that consumers are demanding more teddy. We’re watching for bold styles in white [7], red [8], and pink [9] to rise.

Fair Isle [10]

Fair isle is the quintessential hygge knit print. Post-holidays we’re seeing fair isle on cozy apparel items like sweaters [11], socks [12], and beanies [13]. Searches for fair isle socks [12] in particular are up 20% to last year and 3 months ago were up 41%, suggesting that interest in fair isle peaks in the fall. The term fair isle sweater receives the highest volume of searches at around 14,000, but its growth is insignificant. Instead, of most note here, is that the trend runs from both fast/fashion mass all the way to luxury in terms of most products.

Flannel Pajama Sets [14]

The essence of cozy is curling up at home in something soft and warm. Flannel pajama sets [14] are a growing term, up 27% to last year. Popular during the holidays, flannel pajamas continue their use into the winter and transition into other apparel items. In particular, the print translates well into scarves and mens jackets. Flannel [15]as a generic term has a weekly average search volume of over 260,000 searches, indicating strong consumer interest. The mainstay colorway is a cherry red, but iterations in blue, green, and pink can be seen in the marketplace as well. Sweater sets [16] are an additional way to stay cozy outside the house and have been growing in searches as well.

Turtlenecks [17]

A turtleneck [17] is the perfect alternative to flannel pajamas when bringing the hygge trend outside the comfort of your home. Sophisticated and chic, but also snuggly and warm,  turtlenecks are a high seasonality trend with searches peaking in the colder months. Online searches for turtlenecks are up 23% compared to last year, an increase from 11% 3 months ago. We’re seeing these styles offered in primarily neutral black [18], white [19], and grey [20] colors, but also a pop of bright red [21]. The term turtleneck sweater [22] is also a growing trend with online searches up 25% compared to last year and an average weekly search volume of 37,265.

Faux [23] and Fur Boots [24]

Trendalytics first noticed the search growth of warm and fuzzy boots in our October Top Trends [25], which also highlighted sherpa and fleece terms. Three months later fur and faux fur boots and booties are still growing. While the fur variation has a higher volume, faux fur booties [26] are experiencing the largest search growth to last year. Either way, across boots and booties, fur and faux fur, and even women’s and men’s [27], fur boots are the hygge style to stay. Beyond footwear, the exciting other fur accessory we’ve spotted is the fur headband [28] which is a growing trend with both a healthy search volume and growth. We’re excited to see how consumers will wear the style!

Fragrance: Candle & Perfume

Scents represent a great option for embracing the warmth of hygge. In candles, perfumes, and oils, consumers are reaching for winter scents that embody spice, but also the freshness of the crisp air. Searches for pine candles [29] are currently up 9% to last year, but 3 months ago they were up 28% suggesting early preparations for the winter to come. In fragrance, consider musk perfume [30] and perfumes with musk notes that embody hygge without feeling heavy.

Hygge Beauty [31]

Using serum [32] to keep the skin nourished during the chilly season is essential to hygge beauty. Searches for generic serum are up 14% to LY, indicating greater consumer interest in treatments for dry skin. Treating yourself to masks, baths, and lotions that lock in moisture is key. Ole Henriksen [33] responded to the need for self-care in winter by even creating a hygge line. And to look the part outside the home, using warm tones like orange [34], gold [35], terracotta, cocoa and bronze [36] can help a consumer in any climate or season adopt hygge makeup.