Market Intelligence Reports

Preventative Beauty Report

by user • December 7, 2018

FROW with Trendalytics SS’19

by Kelly Haselschwerdt • October 22, 2018

Sustainability Intelligence Report

by Alisa • September 28, 2018

2019 Consumer Intelligence Report

by Madeline • August 15, 2018

Watch the Consumer Insights webinar here.  

Streetwear Intelligence Report

by Katie • July 18, 2018

Wellness Intelligence Report

by Chahat • June 13, 2018

Watch our Wellness Report webinar below:

Fashion Month Intelligence Report

by Tracy • March 30, 2018

We have conducted a deep dive analysis into this season’s fashion month, covering New York, Paris, Milan, and London.  We have examined emerging and top trends, and applied our data analysis to surface actionable insights for your business.  Be sure to read the report, and understand both the trends to watch out for as well […]

Menswear Intelligence Report

by Madeline • March 6, 2018

Menswear Intelligence Report Trendalytics has conducted a deep dive analysis into the menswear market, a growing market that is estimated to be valued at $33 billion by 2020 (Digiday). In this report, we examine the underlying factors driving the growth, curated a list of key influencers navigating the landscape, and further analyze menswear segments including […]

Special Sizing: Beauty Has No Size

by Tracy • December 6, 2017

So why now? What’s changed in the market to give way to a huge opportunity in inclusive sizing? The demand has always existed, with the average American women more likely to be a size 16 than a size 2,1 but we’re finally starting to see brands and retailers address this whitespace opportunity by embracing body […]

Fashion Month Report: Spring 2018

by Tracy • October 16, 2017

This season saw the re-emergence of the original ‘Super Models’, an emphasis on power dressing, and continuation of fashion’s love affair with all things pink, red, and yellow. We recap all of this and more with the top ten overall trends from fashion week, as well as an analysis on the social presence of brands […]