Hygge It Out

by Amanda • January 10, 2019

Whether it’s tackling New Year’s resolutions or tackling a new Netflix series, we all have our own method of dealing with the post-holiday blues. The Danish, however, have mastered keeping warm during the cold winter nights by developing the art of hygge. Hygge is the encapsulation of all things cozy, warm, and comforting. Anything from […]

Valentine’s Day Scoop

by Tiffany and KT • January 8, 2019

In the 18th century, friends and lovers would exchange tokens of affection and handwritten notes.  In the 1900’s, cards began to be printed. The history of Valentine’s day has come a long way in terms of how consumers shop for love.  During this season of romance, the Trendalytics team has compiled the latest trends for […]

Pre-Fall 2019: Looking Ahead

by Caleigh and Tori • December 19, 2018

An early chill has made some of us forget that fall has barely just ended, and yet designers (and the Trendalytics team) are already looking ahead to next year. Both fan favorite designers and heritage luxury labels have been presenting their pre-fall collections since late November around the world. Exciting additions to the standard fashion […]

November Top Trends

by Madeline • December 12, 2018


Fall 2018 Accessories Hindsight

by Amanda • December 5, 2018

Retrofit: Throwback Accessories to Buy Now Hindsight is 20/20. As much as we can try to predict consumer preferences and demands from runway takeaways, sometimes the mark is missed. Below, we’re recapping the trends that runway analysts picked for Fall and scoring hits and misses for what worked and what didn’t. What we did learn: […]

October Top Trends

by Amanda • November 12, 2018
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2019 Consumer Intelligence Report

by Madeline • August 15, 2018

Watch the Consumer Insights webinar here.  

Trend Intelligence: Earrings

by Katie • January 24, 2018

New Year, New Bling…  Ear cuffs, filigree and halo stud earrings are now things of the past, as 2018 is bringing forth earrings like we’ve never seen them before. Following the SS ‘18 shows last fall, earrings have taken on unconventional shapes, sizes, and lengths. While extravagant earrings have been on the rise for a few seasons now,  statement, […]

Trend Intelligence: Tube & Logo Socks

by Katie and Madeline • December 19, 2017

Logo and tube socks are at the height of footwear trends in this week’s trend alert. While this look once represented someone who was anything but style savvy, these socks are making a statement. From runways to streetwear, statement socks have taken off.   With online searches showing tube socks to be a mature trend, […]

Trend Intelligence: Fanny Pack | Waist Bag | Belt Bag

by Alisa • November 21, 2017

It’s no secret that nostalgia dressing is a trend, and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. The recent rise of the beloved 80’s ‘it’ bag, the fanny pack, also known as, the belt bag, and waist bag, has certainly proven this to be true. While the fanny pack isn’t a new trend, we’ve seen […]