Hygge It Out

by Amanda • January 10, 2019

Whether it’s tackling New Year’s resolutions or tackling a new Netflix series, we all have our own method of dealing with the post-holiday blues. The Danish, however, have mastered keeping warm during the cold winter nights by developing the art of hygge. Hygge is the encapsulation of all things cozy, warm, and comforting. Anything from […]

Pre-Fall 2019: Looking Ahead

by Caleigh and Tori • December 19, 2018

An early chill has made some of us forget that fall has barely just ended, and yet designers (and the Trendalytics team) are already looking ahead to next year. Both fan favorite designers and heritage luxury labels have been presenting their pre-fall collections since late November around the world. Exciting additions to the standard fashion […]

November Top Trends

by Madeline • December 12, 2018


Denim Pulsecheck

by Caleigh • December 5, 2018

Approximately 60% of Americans wear jeans at least four days a week to work, making denim a staple for both leisure and work apparel. In fact, a report published by called out that the jean market is projected to hit $60 billion by 2023, which equates to over 2K millions pairs of jeans. As […]

S/S 2019 Prints & Patterns!

by Tori • November 27, 2018

Winter is here, which means it’s already time to start building Spring and Summer wardrobes. This past S/S 2019 runway season was all about being bold and daring with sartorial choices. Though prints are typically very popular for the warmer months, we are seeing lots of boundaries being pushed in an effort to expand notions […]

October Top Trends

by Amanda • November 12, 2018
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Big & Tall: The Untapped Extended Sizing Market

by Madeline • October 31, 2018

Big & Tall: The Untapped Extended Sizing Market The women’s plus size market has seen a renaissance over the past decade. The female market has demanded extended sizes be mixed in with the core assortment, revamped the lexicon around larger sizing to focus on body positivity, and a whole new generation of Plus Size models, influencers, […]

2019 Consumer Intelligence Report

by Madeline • August 15, 2018

Watch the Consumer Insights webinar here.  

2018.07 – July Top Mens Trends

by Chahat • August 13, 2018

Click here to be taken to the platform for an interactive view. 

Adaptive Fashion

by Janette and Jaclyn • July 25, 2018

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, from skinny jeans to skinny sunglasses, the ways in which you can express your personal style are infinite. But what happens when these new trends, textiles, and accessories aren’t comfortable or easy for you to wear? One of the most untapped markets within the industry is the adaptive clothing […]