Hygge It Out

by Amanda • January 10, 2019

Whether it’s tackling New Year’s resolutions or tackling a new Netflix series, we all have our own method of dealing with the post-holiday blues. The Danish, however, have mastered keeping warm during the cold winter nights by developing the art of hygge. Hygge is the encapsulation of all things cozy, warm, and comforting. Anything from […]

November Top Trends

by Madeline • December 12, 2018


October Top Trends

by Amanda • November 12, 2018
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Fashion’s Walking Dead

by Katie • October 30, 2018

In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to clear the cobwebs and shine some light on footwear brands that have stepped out of the grave and back onto the catwalk. In the past few years, we have seen a resurgence of sporty ‘90’s brands and notable luxury houses quickly rise back to the top of […]

2019 Consumer Intelligence Report

by Madeline • August 15, 2018

Watch the Consumer Insights webinar here.  

Adaptive Fashion

by Janette and Jaclyn • July 25, 2018

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, from skinny jeans to skinny sunglasses, the ways in which you can express your personal style are infinite. But what happens when these new trends, textiles, and accessories aren’t comfortable or easy for you to wear? One of the most untapped markets within the industry is the adaptive clothing […]

Dad Trends

by Madeline • June 12, 2018

  Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th, so in honor of all the father figures in our lives, we are highlighting dad trends this week. From dad sneakers to dad hats, here’s how to capitalize on your dad’s 90s style. DAD SNEAKERS Search volume for dad sneakers have quadrupled in the last year with […]

Summer Shoe Trends

by Alisa • May 16, 2018

With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, we wanted to check in on the top shoe trends for this coming summer season and give a heads up on what’s trending now with consumers to help inform your buying, merchandising, and marketing decisions.   Top Shoe Styles Flatform sandals, slingbacks, and slide silhouettes are […]

Trending Style: Kitten Heels

by Alisa • February 6, 2018

We’re checking in on the current state of shoe trends and doing a deeper dive into the top styles for 2018… Kitten heels dominate the current trends for shoes, with three out of the top five terms with the highest search growth to LY being some variation of the kitten heel. Kitten heels as a […]

Trend Intelligence: Tube & Logo Socks

by Katie and Madeline • December 19, 2017

Logo and tube socks are at the height of footwear trends in this week’s trend alert. While this look once represented someone who was anything but style savvy, these socks are making a statement. From runways to streetwear, statement socks have taken off.   With online searches showing tube socks to be a mature trend, […]