TikTok Trends to Watch: Q1 2022

by Trendalytics Team • April 19, 2022

Our Q1 2022 TikTok Trends to Watch report offers a data-driven look at emerging TikTok trends and influencers in the fashion and beauty spaces. Download the full report here. FASHION Currently reigning supreme, corsets are an extreme search volume trend with 300K average weekly searches, +4% to last year. After two years of ditching bras […]

Tommy Hilfiger Indya Moore

Op-Ed | Inclusivity Is The Answer To Post-Pandemic Challenges

by Trendalytics Team • August 5, 2021

Finding new ways to challenge the status quo, brands and consumers alike are forging a future they are proud to be a part of. Consumers are driving acknowledgment and acceptance of a wider range of experiences and demanding that brands do the same through innovation, redesign, and representation. Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient, […]

Top 10 Scandinavian Influencers

by Trendalytics Team • April 19, 2021

Over the years, Scandinavian fashion has changed. Although currently making the shift from minimalism to maximalism, it was the hype around hygge that put Scandinavian style on the fashion map. A Danish word defined as a general well-being and coziness, searches for hygge peaked in 2017 and garnered an average of 168K weekly searches at […]

Top 10 Black Fitfluencers

by Trendalytics Team • January 28, 2021

The historically whitewashed wellness industry has often excluded Black women from the conversation around fitness and health. With Black History Month almost here and wellness on our minds, it’s more important than ever to expand the lens of the fitness space to celebrate Black fitness influencers. The pandemic has boosted interest in at-home fitness and […]

Top 10 Influencers: Skinfluencers

by Trendalytics Team • July 30, 2020

COVID-19 has inspired consumers to focus more on self-care and less on their makeup routines, accelerating the no-makeup movement. Compared to makeup, which is down 7% to LY, skincare is up +75% to LY and is searched for an average of 590K times each week. The pandemic has become prime time for skincare, presenting us […]